A New Reference System for Economies

The many symptoms of global sustainability challenges are now widely recognized as symptoms of man-made self-destructive economic behavior. Many voices are calling for a change. It is time to fundamentally realign the purpose of economic towards life.

36x36 Conference 2022 Pathways to Life Economies

  • A three-day learning journey to reveal the femxle perspective on a future-proof reference system for economies.
  • An opportunity to bringing the thematic expertise of womxn to the fore
  • A through discourse on feminist pathways to new economies
  • A decisive step on the pathway to developing a reference system for economies that serve life
A change in purpose changes a system profoundly, even if every element and interconnection remains the same.
Donella H. Meadows,
Author of Thinking in Systems: A Primer and Co-Author of the Report to the Club of Rome “Limits to Growth”
Donella H. Meadows

More information coming soon

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