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A Pro-active Femxle-led Transformation Network

  • We strengthen the education, knowledge and competence of womxn from all continents to drive live-serving economic action
  • We make the global expertise of womxn in new economic approaches visible
  • We support womxn to influence institutions and policies towards life-serving economic approaches
  • We strengthen cooperation and networks of womxn for the pilot implementation of new, economic approaches

We strategize, promote and support the global shift towards a new economic architecture.

Inspiring Exchanges 2022 36x36Conference

It is time to re-create the fundamentally new story about the economy as a human interaction system supporting people and the planetary life support system. While not solely driven my men, the neoliberal paradigm has been predominantly invented and promoted by men. The financial and institutional structures that hold the current paradigm in place are mainly occupied by men. Womxn have begun to move into positions of expertise on economics, political science and future research. There are many proposals on new economic thinking emerging, which all deserve attention.  But they are disconnected and have subsequently little chance to influence the current economic system.

We bring femxle thinkers and practitioners who prototype the economies of the future into inspiring exchange.

Join us for our
36x36 Conference on Life-serving Economies!

Knowledge Harvesting

It is time to challenge current economic practices that are unfit for the future of humanity and the natural world and unable to meet the ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals. The time now is urgent to write a new economic “story” for the 21st century which embraces new ideas. Many global actors have begun to address the issue. Researchers and visionary thinkers have brought forward inspiring conceptual ideas for new economic practices.

Deep dive into the 36x36 knowledge harvesting

Economic Stewardship Circle

The world of 8 billion people is coming to crossroads where major transformations are necessary. We are in a planetary emergency – most obvious in the climate crisis -, one which represents an immediate existential threat to Earth’s living systems and to humanity itself. The current most dominant economic framework is not only part and parcel of this emergency, but at its core. It is built on a narrative of growth by all means, resource depletion and ignorance toward social and environmental externalities. It is time womxn take the lead.

We bring femxle visionary expertise together to develop the life-serving reference system that will underpin a new economic architecture.

Building Expertise

The challenge in front of us is a monumental one, but we know that with the right approach we can act collectively to create a future where humankind is in balance with itself and the planet. To confront such a challenge, we need tools that are not only grounded in science and practice but also available to everyone: womxn need to become masters in the language of transformation.  Moving towards a new economic architecture requires transformative change skills at scale – for femxle change-makers, professionals, politicians, community organizers or activists.

We build transformation literacy for womxn who drive new economic approaches.

As the 36x36 Association we take a stance

  • We convene structured conversations that inspire and convey a feminist stance in developing reference system for future economies
  • We catalyze pioneering thematic and regional collaborations towards prototypal feminist collective action for future life-enhancing economies
  • We influence institutions and decision-makers to adopt a feminist stance on future economies