Membership Circles

Our Purpose

The 36x36 Association is about creating a powerful network of meaningful relationships between female visionaries and practitioners, decision-makers and change agents to build the pathways towards life-serving future economies.

  • We act as an independent, global supporter for the active role of womxn in the transition to an ecologically and socially sustainable future.
  • We empower womxn worldwide to proactively advance life-serving economies.
  • We advance social and economic action in harmony with ecological and social needs, self-determination, freedom, equality, diversity and responsibility for future generations.
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Our Approach

We adopt a global and systemic perspective in the awareness that the genius of womxn must underpin and drive transformative change towards social and ecological sustainability.

We take a holistic approach that acknowledges the complexity and interconnectedness of current challenges and respects the diversity of womxn's perspectives.

We identify and disseminate conceptual and practical solutions for life-serving economies and societies.

We highlight transdisciplinary and long-term solutions from the perspective of womxn, and ensure they are integrated in governments, institutions, legal frameworks and other decision-making forums.


Collective Feminist Practice Principles

Claim a feminist future

  • Co-create future together with womxn
  • Make a claim to access power positions
  • Take a stance for feminist perspectives
  • Mutually support professional advancement
  • Grant authority to womxn
  • Be brave beyond your comfort zone

Strategize joint femxle impact

  • Know global trends and get involved
  • Drive transformations towards a just and thriving world
  • Accept responsibility for planetary challenges
  • Drive change in femxle-led transformation networks
  • Develop feminist impact strategies
  • Make womxn’s professional expertise visible

Create dedicated femxle circles

  • Build circles of trust for feminist practice
  • Strengthen networks among womxn
  • Build supportive connections with womxn in power
  • Resist competition and live solidarity
  • Favor femxle-led collective action
  • Lead change from a feminist stance

Foster femxle creativity and expertise

  • Prefer womxn as sources of inspiration
  • Favor and reference femxle expertise
  • Build your and other womxn’s competencies
  • Support femxle pioneers
  • Foster creative space among womxn
  • Help each other turn crises into opportunities

Develop feminist reference systems

  • Appreciate and recognize womxn
  • Extend gratitude to womxn
  • Cultivate feminist values and wisdom
  • Acknowledge and respect femxle perspectives
  • Practice care and commitment towards womxn
  • Unearth and cherish herstories

Leverage femxle difference

  • Acknowledge diversity among womxn
  • Understand different realities and perspectives
  • Honor the intersectionality of feminist approaches
  • Promote femxle representation in governance and decisionmaking structure
  • Create femxle-focused learning circles
  • Foster meaningful conversations among womxn

Collective feminist practice is conscious and strategic action for building an impactful feminist reference system in relationality and mutual support. It empowers womxn to be truly themselves, to cherish differences, to acknowledge femxle authority, to steward future collectively and to drive transformations towards a just and thriving world.

The 36x36 Association is a global membership organization.

The more womxn support womxn to become architects of our future societies and economies the faster transformations will happen.

Our Membership Circles

Only dedicated circles can give birth to something new. We believe that life-serving economies need to be grounded in respect and dignity. We cherish reflexivity in difference, and take a relational approach to stewarding transformations together.

36x36 Advisory Circle

If we look at our world from a future perspective, we can see many femxle pioneers of transformations that so urgently need to happen. The 36x36 advisory circle comprises of visionaries and international personalities who have committed their life journeys and professional careers to the advancement of just and egalitarian societies, life-serving economies and the advancement of womxn to become architects of societies and economies.

36x36 Full Member Circle

Our network thrives with diversity in perspectives, background, expertise and experiences.

We connect the activists with the influential, the contemplative with the impatient, the
theorists with the practitioners and the local with the global. What unites us is

  • our search for the parameters of life-serving economies
  • our commitment to feminist collective action for wellbeing on a healthy planet.
  • our dedication to influence the trajectories of our global future together, and
  • our respect for plural pathways to transformations.

We trust the threads of powerful connections that emerge when members nominate members.

Our full members are co-stewards and pro-actively contribute to the mission of the 36x36 Association.

Circle of 36x36 Funders

Our funders share the vision of womxn becoming architects of our future economies and drive societies in which people and nature live in harmony. They commit to advancing regenerative and life-serving forms of economic activity and want to see womxn strengthened in co-constructing such futures. As the 36x36 Association we invite funders to get to know each other and join our strategic conversations about parameters for a new economic architecture. If you are interested to contribute to the purpose of the 36x36 Association, please contact us.

36x36 Network Circles

Our network circles explore and jointly promote the practice of womxn as architects of our future economies. They take a feminist stance and believe that exchange and reflexivity in difference supports the pluraverse pathways to life-serving economies in egalitarian and sustainable societies. They have regenerative forms of economic activity at heart and strengthen womxn in co-constructing such futures. They stay in dialogue and debate, contribute to inclusive knowledge harvesting and practically drive prototypes of new economic approaches. If you are interested to join our network circles and contribute to the purpose of the 36x36 Association, please let us know your intention, background and aspirations to join here.


The 36x36 Association is registered in Switzerland as an international not-for-profit association and operates under Swiss law. The members of the Executive Committee work together as a Stewardship Group.

Get to know our Stewardship Group