The Future We Want to Create

Our blue, fragile and beautiful planet has brought about an astonishing variety of creative forms of life, all interconnected in relationality and interdependent in emergence and development. It has also brought about the human species, one that loves and longs to be alive, yet is equipped with the capacity to destroy each other and seriously diminish the planetary life support system – the very basis from which this species developed.

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  • In the future we begin to shape today, we commit to living in harmony with nature and each other.

  • Economies will be life-serving. People and governments will take care of the commons and safeguard life-support systems.

  • Through democratic governance, people will design future together, no matter which gender, culture, religion, region or status. They will do so with reverence towards the beauty, uncertainty and intelligence of life.

  • Production and consumption cycles will be socially embedded and regenerative. Economic activities will be anchored in purpose, craft meaningful partnerships, adapt to context and strengthen regional cycles of circularity.

  • Health systems will truly serve people. Wealth will be newly defined, distributed and access to basic needs ensured for all. Planetary boundaries will be respected.

  • Societies will be devoted to life-long learning, creative expression and peaceful existence. Life-enhancing technological and social innovations will be promoted. Societal progress metrics will track the vitality of societies and ecosystems.

Parameters for Future Economies

We bring together a broad network of egalitarian, intersectional, transdisciplinary, curious and feminist inspired minds to develop life-serving economic reference systems with parameters for our future economies. The transformation to the future we want to create is possible – if we identify transformative turnarounds, develop a new economic architecture built on life-serving principles and steward the change collectively.

Icon of Narratives of Care

Narratives of Care

We support female change-makers to drive transformations in mental models and mind-sets towards narratives that inspire care and responsibility for regenerative, socially just and life-serving economies. We integrate ancient female wisdom with feminist science and modern technical and social advancements.

an icon of Structures for Empowerment

Structures for Empowerment

We foster feminist-inspired transformations of businesses, institutions and organizations towards future-oriented accountability for wellbeing on a healthy planet. We bring networks of womxn together to develop the fundamentals of a new economic architecture and to strategize transformative change towards life-serving economies.

an icon of Life-enhancing Innovation

Life-enhancing Innovation

We strengthen female innovators who foster inventiveness towards nurturing life support systems and amplify pioneering approaches to life-enhancing economic concepts and practices. We support feminist-inspired collaboration and collective design of economic parameters that serve the future of humankind.

an icon of Truthful Metrics

Truthful Metrics

We take a feminist approach to metrics that are science and evidence based, but also resonate with people and emotionally connect with their humanity. Truthful metrics measure what we value. We drive the adoption of metrics that centre on life so that they empower citizens and decision-makers to see progress happening and adjust strategies.

icon of Networked Governance

Networked Governance

We explore forms of governance that help people to collectively steward thriving future in societies and communities. We bring femxle power and brilliance into global networks, platforms and institutions to strategize, advocate and drive transformative change towards the life-serving future economies we want to see.

icon of Safeguarding Regulations

Safeguarding Regulations

We strengthen a feminist approach to guiding regulations and resource allocations that safeguard the commons and life’s integrity at all levels. We support and amplify female advocates and change-makers that show pathways into a healthy balance between collective and individual interests.