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In recent years, I have always formulated my wishes for Switzerland at the end of the year. Now it is already mid-January 2022 and thus already a bit late for New Year's messages and good wishes. Since my wish this year is a ambitious and, from my point of view, also important wish, I take the liberty of sending it out into the world, despite the delay.

My wish for this year – building a regenerative economy

My wish for this year, for Switzerland, for the world, and for everyone:

Let us start building together on a consistently regenerative economy.

Of course, in these very turbulent times, it is not just about a regenerative economy. Everything we do should be done in such a way that it serves a life, that it nourishes us makes us contented people and does not harm anyone else. This includes the animals, plants, mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans.

I limit my wishes to the filed of economics, because this is the field I know best, and because it is the field in which I work and can therefore also make decisions and take responsibility.

Keep time free in your calendar to actively support responsible living

I wish that all decision-makers at all levels, be it their own family, the state, a company, a faith community or any other organization, would keep enough time free in their calendars to think about what they themselves can do to support responsible living. And most beautifully, they should all block out at least as much time again to then implement this.

In the last year I have realigned myself professionally once again and will now work even more focused on the topics that are important to me. The story connected with this decision and all that I was allowed to learn from it, I will perhaps write down sometime. For now, however, I would like to dedicate myself to the present and the future and make my own contribution to the architecture of a regenerative economy.

Developing a female reference system

In the fall of 2021, I co-founded the non-profit "36x36 Association". I am looking forward to being actively involved in developing a reference system for a regenerative economy that is suitable for generations. With this association, we want above all to promote and make visible female ways of seeing and acting, in order to present an alternative to the male-oriented, western economic system.

The goal is to enable and encourage women to assume responsibility for a life-serving, regenerative economy in all conceivable roles and functions. In my work with the association, I will focus above all on the criteria that a truly consistent, life-sustaining economy must fulfill. I love working with men and owe my professional success to many men who have supported and encouraged me. With the 36x36 Association, I want to empower women in business. I think it will help business to include more female thinking and action in decision making.

Developing a map with signpost and landmarks

I imagine the reference system figuratively in the form of a map, populated with signposts and landmarks. On the one hand we need to develop much clearer and more practical criteria for a regenerative economy, on the other hand we need to acknowledge and combine all the good ideas and projects that already exist. This map is meant to allow others to build on these ideas and it is meant to be interactive, connecting the many people and ideas that have long been working toward a livable future.

An economy that leaves behind more resources than it found, a responsible financial economy and this both combined with social sustainability, this is the indispensable basis of an economic system fit for the future.

Women, in my experience, have many ideas and great knowledge about what nurturing processes look like in the economy. Unfortunately, they are often not given the stage and space to share this knowledge. Often, they are not even aware that they have this knowledge.

A co-founder of the 36x36 Association touched me deeply when she said in an exchange:

"The young women who are starting their careers today and starting to realize their dreams in the professional world should not have it as hard as I did. They should have fair starting opportunities, no matter what educational class they come from, no matter how much money their parents have, no matter what culture they come from, and no matter what color their skin is. Sometimes we forget that there are still people in this world who, because of circumstances beyond their control, don't have the same opportunities to live their lives freely and according to their dreams."

The 36x36 Association will not be the only thing I will be working on this year, but encouraging and empowering women will take up a large part of my work this year.

I wish you nothing but the best on your journey through 2022 and look forward to working with you to create a world in which we enjoy living.

Let us all make a contribution to the architecture of a regenerative economy.

Aneconomy that leaves behind more resources than it found, aresponsible financial economy and this both combined with socialsustainability, this is the indispensable basis of an economic systemfit for the future.
28 Jan

As the 36x36 Association we take a stance

  • We acknowledge existing expertise of womxn from all continents for life-enhancing and future-proof new economies 
  • We invigorate womxns’ interest, knowledge, capacities and practices around transformations to economies in service to life 
  • We amplify femxle expertise, make womxns’ voices in future economic approaches heard and grant womxn authority
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