Doughnut economies thrive with a mindset of contribution

Conceptual Foundations
Transformative Pathways

How can local aspirations for future regenerative economies combined with global responsibilities? How are thriving communities and a thriving planet connected?
Kate Raworth talks always encourage us to think and act.

Can economics be life-affirming? Can they be fun? Can they engage a variety of people to act differently?


Kate Raworth is always encouraging, always creative, always humble and full of ideas.

But more so – she is convincingly connecting the human heart with the data of science. Her expertise is solid, yet never removed from her humanness.

In this conference video (minute 40.30 onwards), you will find her giving a talk for a recent conference in Iceland – a country that may consider taking the path to a different future economy.

Her talk is suggesting answers to the question:

How can Iceland live within the doughnut?

Take the 20 minutes and get encouraged by Kate’s expertise, courage and vitality.

31 Jan

The topic of building a reference system for life economies is integral to our 36x36 initiatives

As the 36x36 Association we take a stance

  • We acknowledge existing expertise of womxn from all continents for life-enhancing and future-proof new economies 
  • We invigorate womxns’ interest, knowledge, capacities and practices around transformations to economies in service to life 
  • We amplify femxle expertise, make womxns’ voices in future economic approaches heard and grant womxn authority
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