Stewardship Group

The 36x36 Association is led by the Executive Committee, functioning as a Stewardship Group. Members of the Executive Committee are appointed for three years and are eligible for re-election.

36x36 Full Member Circle

Nominated by members, the 36x36 Full Member Circle is composed of pro-active femxle change-makers who engaged in supporting the purpose of the 36x36 Associations, and commit to driving transformations to life-serving economies individually and together.

36x36 Advisory Circle

Invited by the Executive Committee, the 36x36 Advisory circle welcomes the guidance by distinguished visionaries and international personalities who have developed outstanding new economic approaches, contributed to the advancement of just and egalitarian societies or paved the way for womxn to become architects of societies and economies.

36x36 Network Circle

Pro-active femxle change-makers who contribute to the purpose of the 36x36 Assocuation, are passionate about womxen becoming architects of our future economies and societies, and organize transformative change individually and together.